Today’s episode I write and compose in a windy but sunny Amsterdam. That’s why today’s episode is shorter, but as always with the most important news 🙂

Most Important SEO News (April 19, 2023)

  • A small change that brings joy! No more unnecessary videos in search results when they do not represent the main content of the page. What prompted this change? During tests, it turned out that they have a negative impact on CTR. Personally, I think it’s a change for the better. So, remember to check your video indexing report, as some results may likely change.
  • Continuing with updates – this time it’s the review system! The April update is mainly focused on the experience resulting from E-A-T, introduced by Google in December 2022. The new documentation includes 4 signals, attesting to the authenticity of opinions, which are worth implementing on your website and encouraging users to share their experiences more widely after purchasing a product or service.
  • New feature in Google Translator on mobile devices. Some users have the option to translate content by taking a photo. It’s an interesting solution, especially useful during foreign vacations or when purchasing foreign products. Currently, however, I haven’t found the camera icon on my phone or anyone else’s among my friends.
  • Have you heard of the STP model when building an SEO strategy before? Honestly, I haven’t, but I was intrigued by a post on how to use it in content marketing activities. Reaching the right user is extremely difficult with so much content online, so every tip is worth its weight in gold.
  • Staying on the topic of content marketing, I came across a post on content creation trends for 2023. It’s no surprise that AI-generated content is mentioned, but did you expect a return to data-driven content in the age of influencers and video marketing? I must admit that fewer and fewer articles contain information about conducted research and statistics, and as you can see, it’s a trend worth taking care of.
  • According to reports from the American press, Google is working on an entirely new browser that will be adapted to the requirements of modern users. What does that actually mean? Of course, introducing AI into search results, learning from previous queries to better match user preferences. Once again, rumors appear that SEO IS DEAD 🤫
  • An interesting guide from Rankmath on how to remove a post safely while taking care of SEO using a plugin. This means removing it from both internal and external linking, increasing the chance of it being quickly deindexed from search results.

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